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Make your own Plaster Mould
for Slip Casting

A whole other materiel to tame : plaster ! 

This  workshop over two dates will give you the basic information and skills to make your own 1 part mould of two small objects that you will then be able to reproduce in large numbers by slip casting them.

PART 1 : an entire day to...
*  understand the negative and positive of 3D shapes

*  recognise shapes that require one-part mould or more

* prepare the box-frames for your two objects

* learn how to prepare the plaster and what tools to have at hand

* cast your two objects and finish off the mould edges


PART 2 : an evening a couple of days after the first part to ensure the moulds have had a chance to dry Here we shall...

* prepare the pouring slip

* test the moulds by casting them together

* learn from the results

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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