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Introduction class to 
Glazing in our Studio

During this class we shall explain what is 'glaze', what magic happens in the kiln, how to read the glaze samples, how to glaze by pouring / dipping / painting, and what our studio security rules are. We shall explain all this during the first hour to then accompany you in the glazing of your work for the rest of the session.


This glazing session is for .....

* Those who followed a throwing course, or the mould workshop and have not yet glazed in our studio

* Those who where not able to attend the glazing evening of their pottery intro course

* Non members who have bisque-fired work at our studio and who wish to glaze them here to then fire them at 1250° After following this class you will be welcome to come glaze more independently in our studio during member hours (see Kiwi Members page)


Important :

*You need to have have bisque-fired work in our workshop in order to have work to glaze during this class ! We do not provide objects for you to glaze

* The firing of the work is not included unless you have followed one of our courses : hand-building/throwing /mould-making/marathon/print-making etc.

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