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We provide firing services and welcome your clay works made at home to transform them into ceramic.

We have 2 electric kilns : 

- A square one of 150 litres - 50x50x60 high -

- A round 'well' kiln of 70 litres - 45cm diameter x 60cm height -



We fire at 950° for bisque-ware and to 1250°C for vitrifaction of stoneware and glaze. 
We can fire at other temperatures to your request in our smaller 70 litre kiln when available and at full kiln costs (
+/-50€ not including VAT)

Deposit your work fat the studio for Firing
We are available to receive your work for firing on Monday afternoons and Friday morning. For this you may book an appointement and fill in the information form on the "Drop-off" link further down this page.

** Important ** 

Transforming clay to ceramic with heat is a magical process, where unfortunately there can also be accidents and surprises. We are therefor careful to try to minimise the risks of these happening with several requirements. Please thoroughly read all of the information below to insure we have as many happy firings as possible.


The firing of work happens within 10 days after it has been brought to our studio (of course this can vary according to how dry the work is, and on busier periods arround christmas we prioritise the work made by our members.



We ask that all the work brought to the studio be well signed or marked with a distinct and unique mark to ensure we find them after the puzzle in the kiln. We have a good memory but not it's reliable enough! We do not take responsibility for misplaced or missing unsigned objects.


For bisque firing, your pieces must be completely dry, but we recommend that you transport them at 'leather-hard' consistency to reduce the risk of breakage. ​


*If your clay has not been purchased from our Studio, we shall require a photo of the label of your clay

*If you are using your own glazes, we shall require a photo of the label of you glazes and ask you to provide a protective plate for under you work. Any small stain of melted glaze stuck to our firing shelves shall cost 10€ per mark stain/drip.

* Please make sure non of your work is more than 3 cm thick (work must be hollowed if thicker than this)

* Please make sure your work has been constructed aware of the requirement of no air trapped in the clay

Prices :

* 5 € fee per deposit appointement

* In addition to the deposit fee, firing at Studio Kiwi is paid proportionally to the volume your object/s occupy in the kiln. We have divided the kiln into cubes of 3cm by 3cm and offer a price per cube at ...

 950°  = 0.03€ / cube

1250° =  0.05€ / cube

(we have a preferential firing prices for work made in the studio by members)

 A simple volumetric box with a grid like below and a calculator help us to calculate this : 



Nothing can ever replace the time that has been put into making clay work and the attachment we have to it. Here however are the conditions we have set up to try to responsabilise accidents.

* If we feel your work could damage our kiln or other work during firing, we may have to refuse it

* If we feel you work is too complicated/delicate to load and unload safely, we may have to refuse it

* If your work does damage our kiln or other people's work, you shall pay the damage accordingly : 10€ per small glaze stain on our kiln / twice the volume price of pieces damaged.

* If we accidentally damage your work, we shall refund you the price of the firing and give you an added voucher for the same volume of firing.

Glazing in our Studio


If you would like to glaze your bisque-fired work in our Studio with our glazes, you first need to take and introduction to glazing class. These occur twice a month. The first hour is informative and demonstrative, the second two are for you to glaze your work with our guidance.  After this introduction you shall be welcome to come use our studio to glaze more independently during member opening hours. 

Next Glazing Introduction Classes :
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