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Introduction Course to
Figurative Sculpting
with live model 

Studio Kiwi welcomes you to create with clay, this time specifically with sculptural modeling techniques. Over a weekend and an evening, this course shall help you sharpen your gaze, warm up your fingers and dexterity to give birth to a three dimensional sculpture of a human body.

We shall have the gracious présence of a live model, male or female.


We shall start with exercises and games to warm up your hands, your eyes and your memory of 3D shapes. Then all participants shall work on their own sculpture of the live model, making it evolve over the course of the day, following the rythm of clay. On sunday you shall learn how to cut your sculpture in hald to make it hollow and put it back together again. The evening the week after gives you time for the final details. At the end of the course, the sculptures shall be fired at 950° and will be available to bring home proudly the following month.


This course is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced ceramicists who would like to discover figurative, scultptural, hand-building techniques (different from pottery ).

Maximum 5 participants

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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