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Introduction to 
Hand-building Pottery

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Teacher and studio founder Camille welcomes you to the studio over one weekend for this hands-on pottery course that will allow you to dive deep into clay and how it has been transformed to functional vessels since prehistoric times.
The course is playful and informative to get acquainted with the fundamental steps of the hand-building process. Through different exercises you will learn about the evolving textures of clay, how to work with them, how to assemble them with sticking slip, and learn to 'sculpt' clay at "leather hard" texture for refined details and uniqueness, to proudly bring home 4 to 5 hand-made, functional objects.

You will discover 3 ancestral hand-building techniques : pinching, coiling and slabbing and make a pottery vessel out of each.

Please note this course does not include the potter's-wheel technique. We propose a separate intro course for this approach and recommend it after this hand-building course.


The course shall be given in English,

and the teacher also speaks French

Small Group
The intro course welcomes 8 participants at once.

You  will be a warm little gang of 16 hands. 

Become a Studio Member after the Course

By graduating from this course you shall be welcomed welcome in our Studio's Members Community and have access to our Membership Passes to continue practicing what you have learnt and continue making all sorts of weird and wonderful hand-made creations.

Next Course Dates

and Where to Sign-Up :

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