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Introduction to
Throwing on the Potter's Wheel

A weekend of concentration, fun, clay-mess, centering, trial and error and forgetting everything else on the planet !


"Throwing" (the verb of using the potter's wheel ) is a technique that requires time and practice to master. This intro course will give you the fundamental information and beginners practice to start you off on your throwing journey. 


The first half of the initiation will focus how to wedge your clay to extract air bubbles, centering it on the wheel and learning how to make the beginning of all shapes : the cylinder ! The second half you shall learn how to trim the pieces upside-down, to create the 'foot' or 'bum' of your pot, making ribbons of clay fly away. 


By following this course, you become part of our studio community and are welcome to continue practicing to throw during our weekly opening hours for members.


Small group: 

The intro course welcomes max 6 participants at once. 


The couse will be given in English

The teacher Emilie Ruitinga also speaks Dutch and understands French 

Upcoming course dates and

where to sign-up :

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