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Throwing Marathon 

6 hours of non-stop throwing with coach Aude Van Ryn


6 hours of throwing with Aude Van Rijn, a great occasion to refine your skills and to have the time to throw, throw, throw with no interruption (other than a yummy pot-luck lunch break). Aude will coach you to find your rhythm, and encourage you to push your individual skills and confidence a little further than you expected. She shall take you where you are and push you up a notch, or two !

This marathon is ideally suitable for hands who have already had an introduction to centering and throwing. But Aude will show you beginner steps if needed.



*Please come in comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

*Your own kitchen towel

*Packed lunch



* All tools will be provided at the studio

* Unlimited Grey clay (or clay of another colour if available in our recycled clays)

* After the marathon, you can choose a maximum of 10 pieces to fire.

* As it is not possible to trim the work the same day, you will be encouraged to clean your work as much as possible on the wheels. You can then decide to have our team simply and neatly finish them-off for you, or , if you are a member and already know how to trim, we can keep them for maximum one month for you to be able to trim them yourselves when leather-hard during your membership hours.


GLAZING : To glaze your work once bisque fired, there are 3 options :

*Option 1 - If you have already had a glazing intro in our studio, you can glaze your work during your member's hours with a membership or a one-off member session..

*Option 2 - If you have not yet learnt to glaze in our workshop, you can do so by signing-up to our once a month glazing classes and glaze your thrown works then

*Option 3 - We can glaze your work for you in a shiny transparent glaze to make it ready to use proudly.


Conditions :

* We need a minimum of 4 people for the marathon to go on. If we cannot reach this number the class may need to be rescheduled or cancelled, you will be notified and proposed another date or a refund.

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